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Posao u kompaniji: Dynamic Selling Group 

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Poslovni adresar Srbije
Opis kompanije:

Dynamic Selling Group is the largest producer and distributor of profiles and accessories for PVC joinery processing in Romania. And since the beginning of 2019 we are present in Belgrade, Serbia as well.

Over time, our products have made a positive impact on the lives of many people, both intermediaries and beneficiaries. This is also proved by our long-standing relationship with our customers and suppliers as well as the international certifications acquired.

Our products includes the entire range of Ramplast ecological profiles, the first 100% ecological PVC profile in South-Eastern Europe, since 1996.

We have always had great expectations, both internally and externally, so Dynamic Selling Group has become a highly appreciated BRAND and LEADER in its field of business, since it has kept its PROMISES to its partners. The products we distribute have a positive impact on peoples lives, as confirmed by international certifications.


Dynamic Selling Group
Beograd, Ul. Simona Bolivara 45, Zemun-Altina

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