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Konkurs za oglas "Business Plan Researcher and Writer" kompanije Joorney Business Plans je istekao i konkurisanje na oglas je onemogućeno!

Opis kompanije:

Joorney Business Plans is an American business plan writing company headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company provides a wide variety of business plan writing services for companies of all sizes, as well as for current and future company owners and executives. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our highly skilled team and on our ability to write tailored and customized business plans that cater to each client's specific need. Producing an exclusive quality document each and every time is our priority.


If you would like to learn more about how we function, please read the  following


If you would like to briefly listen to one of our executives and learn more about the company, please see the following video:


 If you are thinking about applying to join our team, the following short presentation might help you make up your mind:


Joorney Business Plans
Beograd, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 28



JOORNEY LLC – Miami, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Belgrade… and growing!
We are Business Plan Specialists.  We are JOORNEY.


JOORNEY LLC is a privately-held global business writing services company headquartered in Miami.  
The company provides a wide variety of business writing services for all types of companies, as well as for current and future company owners and executives.
We provide:

  • Visa business plans,
  • Bank loan business plans,
  • Investor business plans,
  • Presentations and Decks…


  • and many other business writing products!

Due to our continuous growth and an ever increasing number of projects our clients trust us with, JOORNEY is always hiring outstanding writers for its Belgrade office. Our team is always expanding, and we are hiring at least one
additional writer in most months throughout the year. It just might be you this time!  



Do you have outstanding English writing skills, a talent for numbers and an interest in the world of business?  
We have full-time, office-based positions for you!

Who are you?

  • A global-minded college graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • An experienced writer with a passion for business

Come with your skills and enthusiasm.  We welcome everyone with a passion for writing and a desire to build a career in the business advisory world.  Join our great team of writers, business consultants and start-up advisors!
In this job, you will use our process and tools to:

  • Research and analyze a wide range of industries, businesses and business models as you help our clients with business plans for their new or expanding businesses  
  • Create full business plans and financial statements for start-up companies or businesses moving into an expansion phase  

Apply only if you meet these minimum requirements:

  • Impeccable international-level written business English
  • 4-year University degree, with a preference for those with solid coursework in economics, finance, accounting, marketing or business management

Equivalent direct entrepreneurial or corporate business experience, which has provided you with

  • ability to understand and create basic financial statements (ex.: P&L, income statements, balance sheets)
  • ability to quickly understand and analyze a business activity through provided documents and additional research

Additional Skills:
We appreciate your high-level proficiency in:

  • Microsoft Word – especially as used to prepare reports and presentations
  • Microsoft Excel – especially with its formulas and business functionalities
  • Internet-based research and similar research tools
  • Fast keyboard typing

If you believe you have these skills and knowledge, apply for our BUSINESS PLAN RESEARCHER AND WRITER position.
Apply with your CV and a brief cover letter stating why you are interested in this type of position, and why you are the right person for the job. Both the CV and a brief cover letter have to be prepared in English language in order for the application to be considered!  

Email your application as PDF documents electronically.

Lokacija posla:
- Beograd
- Advertising, PR, Marketing
- Bankarstvo, Finansije, Osiguranja
- Ekonomija
Nivo obrazovanja:
Minimum: VII-1 Stepen - VSS visoka stručna sprema
Maksimum: VII-1 Stepen - VSS visoka stručna sprema
Trajanje oglasa:
18.11.2019. do 18.12.2019.

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