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Turizam, Ugostiteljstvo, Putovanje

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Konkurs za oglas "Barmen, Executive Butler, Head Waiter, Restaurant Hostess" kompanije Partners&Orka je istekao i konkurisanje na oglas je onemogućeno!

Opis kompanije:

Partners&Orka d.o.o. je privredno društvo koje pruža širok dijapazon usluga iz domena marketinga, konsaltinga, zapošljavanja, pravnih poslova, ljudskih resursa, privremenog zapošljavanja i ostalih aktivnosti koje su neophodne za poslovanje Vaše kompanije.


Beograd, Durmitorska 14

Partners&Orka, a licensed employment agency, leases advertising space for its renowned client - a luxury resort from Dubai - which is looking for workers in the following positions:



Location: Dubai - Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
Required number of workers: 20 +


  • minimum one year experience as a barmen/ minimum two-year experience as a butler (5* hotels)/ experience and ability to work in luxury environment (hotels 4* and 5*) for
  • waiters/ experience on same or similar jobs in luxury environment (hotels 4*+) for restaurant hostess;
  • fluent English
  • great communicational skills while providing premium service
  • ready to learn and work in a team

Work conditions:

  • Basic salary: AED 2500 - AED 4000 (700 $–1100$) + Service charge and TIPS: AED 1300 - AED 2500 (400 $ - 700$)
  • accommodation 2 employees per room in the apartment;
  • transportation to and from work;
  • meals during work;
  • uniform; laundry service;
  • medical insurance;
  • return ticket home during vacation
  • work permits for chosen candidates

Candidates who apply by e-mail agree that their data can be used for the purposes of selection and forwarding of staff in terms of the Law on Personal Data Protection.
Candidates can send applications via e-mail. Applications (CVs with photo as required from the employer) must be submitted in English.
Contact phone for more information:

060 33 13 666, 064 126 00 55 or 011/268 3486.

Agency services are free for job seekers.
The ad is valid for 30 days from the day the ad is set.

Lokacija posla:
- Inostranstvo
- Turizam, Ugostiteljstvo, Putovanje
Nivo obrazovanja:
Svi nivoi obrazovanja
Trajanje oglasa:
9.7.2021. do 8.8.2021.

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