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Konkurs za oglas "Online Video host" kompanije Stende Solutions Limited je istekao i konkurisanje na oglas je onemogućeno!

Stende Solutions Limited
Malta, 71 Tower Road

World's one of the biggest international dating websites is looking for a

Online video host

to join the Business Development Team. 


We are the part of an international IT services & Customer Relationship Management Company specializing in development, promotion and management of internet projects.

We connect people all over the world!



  • Perform at least 8 (eight) hours online with camera on our platforms;
  • Answer/send letters and invites to chat to other users;
  • Participate in organized photo shootings to create more content.


  • Patience and desire to work with people
  • High level of communication skills (people’s person)
  • Ability for active networking
  • Good English (oral and written)

Our perfect candidate:

  • Loves to work with people
  • Is patient and goal oriented
  • Speaks English 
  • Freely uses computer and internet

If you recognize yourself in above characteristics, we are ready to offer you:

  • Monthly basis payment - starting from 700$
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility to work online from any place
  • Collaboration with a team of professionals within the international network
  • Free professional photo shootings

Lokacija posla:
- Inostranstvo
- Cela Srbija
- Kosovo i Metohija
- Sport, lepota i zabava
- Ostalo
Nivo obrazovanja:
Minimum: IV Stepen - SSS srednja škola (4 godine)
Rad na računaru:
Sertifikati:  European Computer Driving Licence - ECDL Start (Računarski sertifikat - ECDL)

Potrebna znanja:  Korišćenje interneta i elektronske pošte (Opšte), Osnove korišćenja računara (Opšte)

Trajanje oglasa:
23.8.2021. do 22.9.2021.

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